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Train Byunbyun [Free]


Was made for the children of love train or bullet train, it is a play to tap the train.※ 1 million downloads topped Thank you!
When you tap the train or bullet train coming out of the left and right of the tunnel will continue to pass through a super acceleration!Tap Points are added.A certain amount of points to level up to speed running of trains and Shinkansen will gradually fast, and Tamar.
Shinkansen is all vehicle colors from the 0-system to E7W7 system appeared.Rare Doctor Yellow, also East-i appeared.
JR and private railway, local railway, a variety of vehicles such as Tokyo subway appeared.Appeared to train 40 or more
Since fun just to the train or bullet train that passes just viewIt enjoyed in small children.Your child that you can to some extent tap fast tapPlease enjoy the super-acceleration.
Train passing through the level rises will gradually faster.If the people to take to end the once app if you no longer keep up with it too earlyAlso it will be from the beginning.
Ads.※ this train of game you can play for free until the end.